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Why Bandcamp is a good idea

I may be late with this one but I found about Bandcamp this morning in search for some new albums to listen. Ever since I invested in some serious music listening "tools" I have been searching high and lo for FLAC music on the internet. I have been using torrents for my music appetite before. But now for a meere $15 I picked up an album by Sarah Williams on Bandcamp.

The actual process of purchase is straight forward. When you find an album that you would like to have you can buy it by recommended price, or pay more if you want. After that you are redirected to a download page from where you can choose from a few file formats to listen from. Download is fast and from clicking that buy button to actual listening you will spend no more than 5 minutes. Wonderful!

Playing my new album

Another thing that Bandcamp tries to build around music is a social network. Before purchase of you first album you do not register, but only after is that you are presented with the option of registration. Now, option, it is not mandatory to register if you want to "opt out" of this feature, but I quite like the option to see all my purchases on some kind of a profile along with my reviews. On that page, by the way mine is bandcamp.com/andreicek, you can choose a favorite track from the album and write a little about it.

Now, I only have to see will I come back for a another album in a few days or will I forget that I even had this. It would be nice, and I am not saying that they don't do this, to receive AN email from time to time with recommended bands and albums. Also worth noting that you can purchase records from various YouTube artists from DFTBA records and receive a download along with an actual CD for almost the same price.