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What is Tile, and why am I excited?

I saw and ad for tile on feedly just hours ago and I fell in love at first sight. When I was a small boy I had a key chain that when you whistled for it the key chain responded with beeping. This is very similar to my childhood item. Only that this is better.

When you start searching for your stuff that you lost or misplaced you just pull out your smartphone and start looking with a special app. And if that didn't help it also beeps!

Searching UI

Now, it has a lot of options that I probably won't use at the start. It has sharing your tiles with family and friends, but since my mother is a die hard dumbphone user nope, and my girlfriend doesn't have an iPhone. So no go there. It also has the "global search", not really sure how they call this. "Global search" enables sharing with the world that your stuff is lost and then anonymously other smartphones with the Tile app installed report to you that they sensed the Tile nearby. Great stuff, but I will be lucky if a dozen people here will ever use this great product.

Only minus that I saw was that battery lasts only a year and then you have to order new ones. That's not so bad but all depends what the price will be after the founding period is over. If it is going to be higher that this (around $18 for the Tile and $14 for shipping to EU) I won't be getting new ones.

One thing is sure - I can't wait for them to start shipping them out so I get mine and start playing with it. Have a look at their site and get some. I am really amazed that no one has ever thought of this before.