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Getting ready for Zurich

Hi! Hello! So what's been happening with me? Well I started uni this fall and it's been going great. It's a bit taxing on the free time side but it's working out just fine. I've been working hard on some school tasks but I took up learning Haskell. It's great but hard at the same time.

As a lot of you already know I am getting ready for my trip to Z├╝rich in November. Writing pack lists, shopping lists, getting my plane tickets and rooms settled. It's really fun. I hope to reconnect with some friends there, so it should be fun. Also, big news! I finally settled on my uni computer - MacBook Air 13". Despite the fact that I currently do Windows only programming I went with it only because of the battery life and size (form factor).

What's else going on? I started playing a little of Dota 2, only the first part of the tutorial, but I liked it. Some of my friends got me into playing it. I am also looking at Civilization V and some of the new expansion packs, but I am going to wait for Steam sale for that one.

Also, as of next week I am not getting my self the Tile, because it's not supporting iPhone 4. Shame.

Ah well, see you all soon. Thanks for checking in!

Oh yeah! I got my self a new wallet (will post when it gets here.) and Tea and I got into some of the Reddit exchanges together. Fun times!