0x7f Inc.

My tools

I’m trying this new format of posts where I write random stuff. The engineering blog is still here and kept separate over at /post and it even has it’s own RSS feed so feel free to skip this section of my site if it’s boring.

I always liked this kinds of posts, more for a “history” sake for me than for others. Here is a quick overview of tools I use on a daily basis today to do my work:

  • Sublime
  • Sublime Merge
  • iTerm
  • TablePlus
  • RapidAPI (Paw)
  • Fish shell (a bunch of other small utilities, check out my dotfiles1])

For my desktop productivity tools I use:

  • Arc (browser)
  • Raycast
  • CleanShot X
  • Apple Notes

For hardware I use:

  • Apple MacBook Pro 18,3
  • NuPhy Air96 & Logitech Pro X Superlight
  • DELL U3421WE
  • Logitech Streamcam & Logitech Lira
  • Apple AirPod Max & Apple AirPod Pro 2

On Sublime

I love Sublime, it’s fast, the plugins are not slowing it down, and it has a very clean UI. Lot’s of buttons and features go on my nerves.

Recently I’ve been looking at Zed2 but it needs a bit more work for it to be a plausible alternative. I would consider switch just so I switch. I’ve been on sublime since at least 2014, with short trips to VSCode, Atom, Vim, and PyCharm.

I also use Sublime Merge as my git UI since it integrates well with the editor, but is a separate window. This was my largest gripe with PyCharm’s git client which was amazing.

On Arc

I’ve switched to Arc as a challenge to see if I could use it as a daily driver. And I love it so far, I feel like it fits the way I think and use internet. If you want an invite send me a message I’ll be glad to send you one.