My OpenBSD setup

I bought a nice little refurbished Thinkspad X240 to play around with OpenBSD a bit. I got bored of Linux, MacOS, and Windows so I wanted to try something fresh (for me).

Everything started once a colleague recommended openbsd.amsterdam for VPS hosting. I’ve moved my page to the host and started playing around with OpenBSD. And it drew me in - totally. So here is a bit of documentation on my setup.

What is this laptop for?

I’m gonna use the laptop for casual browsing, home infrastrucutre management, and light personal coding. Some blogging too. To be frank any OS would be a good fit here.


I’ve decided on Openbox, after trying to get used to fvwm (which my wife called old looking). I’m familliar with Openbox from my Arch/Gentoo days so this was a very easy to setup.

For the system tray (which I am so used too having that I can’t live wihtout it) I’m using tint2.

The configuration for both is in my dotfiles.


I have my usual toolchain set up but I haven’t done any development yet. Node and NPM work OK so far.

To do

There is still stuff I need to do before I’m done here.