Borg backup

After wiping out my home dir on a nice October work day morning I’ve decided I need some backups.


Desktop: ~50MB (dotfiles and checked out code) Server: ~8.2GB (security cam recordings, git repos, confluence notes, etc.) Home assistant: ~60MB (snapshoots)

The total is let’s say 10GB.


Goal: under $2/mo

Service Price Notes
Tarsnap $0.25 * 10GB = $2.5/mo There is an initial price included of $2.5 to get this online. Tools are included and it’s secure!
S3 $0.23 total Cheap!! But I have to build tools or use something I don’t understand.
Borgbase $2.75/mo for 100GB Over the budget but tools included and scales well unlike Tarsnap

I’ve went with Borgbase in the end. Using borgmatic this was very easy to setup.

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