Sunday, November 17, 2019; Reading time 2 minutes.

I listen to a few podcasts on a daily basis. Here are all of them and a few words why I spend my time listening to them.

1. Financial Times Banking Weekly

For as long as I remember I was interested in banks and fintech. I was one of the first adopters of Revolut in my friends/work group. I have (or had) a backing account with all(-ish) banks in Croatia.

I also own stocks of $UBSG.SW and $CSGN.SW. This podcast is an awesome way of keeping tab on this market. They have very interesting topics and they are weekly based.

Link: Apple Podcasts

2. Financial Times News Briefing

Another awesome podcast from Financial Ttimes. This is a more general news collection. They have a uniqe perspective (Europe) on US news on which I depend quite a lot (aroudn 70% of my portfolio is US stocks).

Link: Apple Podcasts

3. Snacks Daily

The best podcast so far about finacial news. They comment on all industries that move the market - being milk and dairy to banks and tech. Short but very fun!

Link: Apple Podcasts

4. New York Times The Daily

Great podcast that I first discovered when I was still the user of Google Home devices. They offer very insightful spoken articles and interviews.

Link: Apple Podcasts


There are a few more that I don’t listen on a daily basis but I reall like on the very long comutes.

The app

Apple Podcast app showing my podcasts

I’ve used Spotify for my podcasts but I’ve since switched to Apple Podcast. The app is not great but I like having a dedicated app for podcasts so I can just continue listening to my music and playlists instead of stopping for a podcast and loosing my new favourite artist. 😄

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